Are you a flexible worker?

The SmartShifts platform provides flexible workers within the healthcare, retail, hospitality, and other commercial sectors with the tools to manage their work-life balance. We give you the ability to view and pick shifts on the go.

Create a profile

Creating your profile on SmartShifts is easy. Simply upload your profile picture, your work experience, key skills, areas of specialization, and highlight where you’d like to work.

Set your preferences

Choose the days, hours and commercial sectors you’d like to work in. Add how far you’d like to travel. Create a balance that works for you.

Get notified

Choose the days, hours, and commercial sectors you’d like to work in. Add how far you’re willing to travel. Create a flexible work schedule that works for you!

Are you a business looking for temporary staff?

The SmartShifts platform makes it easy to find independent flexible workers across multiple sectors to cover shifts. All the flexible workers on SmartShifts are fully screened and extensively trained in their fields. We ensure you have access to highly experienced workers at the touch of a button.

Create an account

Simply join our network, complete your company profile on the platform, meet with our team to tailor your company’s portal to suit your business needs.

Post a shift

Simply enter the type of worker you need, shift date and time, add any extra requirements, and then post your shift to a community of flexible workers, which could be to your bank staff, agency staff, or to local flexible workers. It’s that simple.

Get Notified

Receive notifications when flexible workers choose your shifts. View the profiles of the workers who are coming to work with you. See their faces, view their qualifications, and get to know them.

Are you a recruitment agency?

The SmartShifts platform takes the pain out of managing and running a temp staffing agency. We provide a suite of simple to use tools and apps to help you streamline operations, save costs, and easily manage your clients and workers.

Candidate services

⁍Streamline your end-to-end candidate recruitment process, from sourcing to placement
⁍Easily manage worker compliance, including right to work, identity & background checks and industry specific training and certification
⁍Manage worker availability in real-time

Improve your client experience

Using their own dedicated Smartshifts portal and app, clients can:
⁍ Easily post shifts and request specific workers
⁍ View shift statuses in real-time
⁍ Approve shifts and provide feedback
⁍ Receive invoices and track spending

Streamline your operations

⁍ Stay up to date with real-time notifications throughout the shift lifecycle, from when a client posts a shift through to completion and approval
⁍ Assign shifts to workers at the click of a button
⁍ Generate and send invoices directly from the platform