A simple and cost effective way to cover shifts

Set your own hourly pay rates

You decide how much you want to pay freelancers as long as it meets the minimum national living wage.

On demand staffing

On smartshifts, there is no barrier between your shift managers and freelancers. Your shift managers are given access to the profiles of all the freelance workers within the industry your business registered with.

Transparency, auditability & accountability

You are provided with a shift audit, from who posted the shift, who booked it, when the freelancer checked in, break times, shift completion and who approved the shift. There is full transparency, visibility and accountability on smartshifts.

flexible worker

How does smartshifts work?

Post a shift to freelance workers

Approved workers book the shift

Get notified of booked shifts

Approve & rate completed shifts


Health & Social Care

What makes us different?

Smartshifts is effective & affordable. We have created a dynamic and easy to use digital platform that enables businesses to find the temporary staff they need without the usual crippling annual costs involved when using traditional agencies.

View profiles and chat directly to freelancers

Smartshifts provides you with direct access to view all freelance workers profiles and our inbuilt chat system also allows you to communicate with each freelancer directly via our platform in real time, empowering you to have more control and visibility.

High Quality Workers

All of our registered freelancers are self employed, however they are fully vetted by us and must attend a virtual face to face meeting before being approved to work on Smartshifts. Most of our freelancers have lots of work experience within their chosen industry.

Cost effective solution

Smartshifts allows you to decide how much you want to pay. We only charge you a £1.80 per hour service charge on top of the hourly rate you set. Also, if you decide to hire one of our freelancers permanently you can do this free of charge.

No contracts, No subscriptions

You can join and leave our platform whenever you want. There is no subscription fee or contractual period. We are here when you need us.

Software solutions

Our range of free software solutions allows you to effectively manage both your in-house and external staffing processes in one place.

Our assurances

Background checks

We verify all of our freelancers and check all their uploaded documentation from their right to work, criminal conviction records and professional qualifications. All of our freelancers are required to have a virtual face to face meeting before being approved to work on Smartshifts.

Professional compliance

Smartshifts automated compliance manager monitors the compliance of all freelance workers on the platform. A freelance worker is automatically prevented from working on Smartshifts 3 days before the compliance deadline.

Flexible payment schedules

From our on-platform pay as you go model, to weekly or fortnight billing schedule, we are here to work with you to set up the appropriate payment schedule that works best for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once your free business account has been set up you can start covering shifts immediately.
There is no limit to the number of shifts you can post. Smartshifts AI starts to learn from the pattern of shift demands in your area, and if required begins recruiting more freelancers to meet the demand in that area.
When a freelancer cancels a booked shift, the shift is automatically reposted to all freelancers in your city/town making it immediately available for them to book.
We aim to get applications approved as quickly as possible. To get your account approved you need to ensure that you have uploaded your profile picture, uploaded your right to work, your proof of address and any other required documents depending on the job role/s you applied for. We will invite you for a virtual meeting to explain how smartshifts works and what is expected from you before your account is approved.
We have 3 payment schedules, which are determined by the business you work for. For pay as you go shifts, you will be paid 3 to 10 hours after shift approval by the employer, for weekly scheduled shifts, you will be paid every Friday. The final payment schedule will be every 2 weeks and again payment will be made on Friday. You will be notified of your shift payment date via your account.
You will be notified and alerted of shifts in the job role/s you are approved for and in the cities you have selected as your preferred working locations. Shifts are posted by different businesses, if you see a shift that you want to work all you have to do is book the shift and attend at the required time/location.
No other agencies, including smartshifts can view shifts posted directly to you by your clients.
There is no limit to the number of clients or agency workers you can manage on smartshifts.