How it works?

Step 1

Sign up with us here and download the smartshifts mobile app, if available in your country of residence. Apply Now

Step 2

Complete your profile, meet with us and gain guidance on the end-to-end process of your application

Step 3

Complete all the mandatory trainings and tests and then upload your certificates to your account

Step 4

Your profile will be advertised to employers and recruitment agencies based in UK

Step 5

Obtain interviews with employers and agencies, get your certificate of sponsorship to start visa application

Step 6

Start your immigration and relocation process with full support from our team, and obtain your visa with ease

Requirements & Checklist for Nurses

For your profile to be advertised to employers and agencies, you’ll need to meet the following requirements

Have and provide evidence for a minimum of 1 year nursing experience

Have obtained a registered nurse license from your country of residence

Sit and provide evidence of passing academic IELTS

Sit and provide evidence of passing OET with C+ in writing and b in other areas

Provide evidence of completing the online self-assessment to confirm eligibility to apply for NMC registration

Provide evidence of completing a computer-based test (CBT) multiple choice examination. This test is accessible around the world and in your country of residence

This is a practical objective structured clinical examination (OSCE), which can only be held in one of five test centers in the UK.
You will have access to guidance on completing your application on your account portal.

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